If you intend to renovate or rebuild your property, a Renovation Permit and Plan Approval for renovation works are required.

If you own a double-storey corner lot terrace house and are considering extending it both at the front and back, you need to engage an Architect and Structural Engineer. A Town Planner must also be appointed when extending your house, particularly if the added space exceeds 50% of the original built-up area. Additionally, if you are upgrading your house by constructing an additional floor, a Town Planner will be involved.

Building Setbacks
Different Local Authorities have different guidelines, but generally, they are as follows:

Front Wall: 
Setbacks of 20 feet are required from the front wall to the main gate, fencing, or boundary line.

Car Porch Extension or Enlargement: 
Setbacks of 10 feet are required from the car porch's column to the main gate, fencing, or boundary line.

Back Portion of the House:
You are allowed to extend up to the boundary line.

Side Portion of the House:
Some local authorities allow a 10-foot setback, while others allow a 20-foot setback.


Upgrade from Single Storey to 2 Storeys:
Some local authorities allow the construction of one additional storey, some allow for a half storey, and some may not permit it. Building Bylaws may change over time.

Lighting and Ventilation:
Every room and toilet must provide direct natural lighting and ventilation.

Borang B Application
Once the building permit is obtained, Borang B must be submitted before the renovation works begin. The purpose of the Borang B application is to notify the local authority that the renovation works are about to commence.

CCC Application
Upon completion of the entire renovation works, the CCC application must be submitted. To apply for CCC, G Form must be prepared, and 21 G forms have to be submitted to the relevant government agencies. After submitting all the forms, a site inspection by the local authority’s officer is required. If the property is commercial, industrial, or a kindergarten, this will involve BOMBA inspection.

If the owner proceeds with the work without a building permit, the local authority has the right to issue a fine. The fine will be imposed at 10 times or 20 times the processing fees, depending on the Local Authorities. They also have the right to issue a Stop Works Order.

Engaging Consultants
Some owners prefer their contractors to include architectural and civil & structural engineering consultancy services in the contract or agreement. However, as an owner, you must ensure that the building permit application is carried out by a Registered Professional Architect and a Registered Professional Engineer, not a Runner. Nowadays, CCC is crucial. You must make sure you receive it upon completion of the renovation works because, in the future, when you wish to sell your house, the buyer’s lawyer will ask for the CCC.

Supporting Documents
The following documents must be submitted when applying for building plan approval:
  • Photocopy of the full set Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Photocopy of the full set Tenancy Agreement (if any)
  • Photocopy of the full set Land Title
  • Photocopy of the latest paid Assessment
  • Photocopy of the latest paid Quit Rent
  • Photocopy of CF / CCC / Form F
  • Photocopy of NRIC of the Owner / Tenant (if any)
  • Photocopy of Company Registration and Borang 49 (if any)
  • Photocopy of existing building plans (usually attached with the S&P)
  • A set of photos for the front, side, and back of the house
  • Cost for the Entire Process

Consultancy Fee:
  • Architect fee
  • Structural Engineer fee
  • Town Planner fee (if any)
  • Fees payable to local authority:
  • Processing fee
  • Deposit
  • Waste disposal bin rental
  • Fee for extension of time (subjective)
These fees are to be borne by the property owner.

Time Duration of Obtaining the Building Permit / Building Plan Approval
Preparation of building plan: 1-2 weeks
Preparation of structural plans and calculation report: 1-2 weeks (including drawing comments, amendments, and revisions)
Estimate of obtaining the building permit: 1-2 months, subject to local authority’s comments


22 Jan 2024