What is Act 117 Architects Act 1967 - LAM?

The "Act 117 Architects Act 1967" is a piece of legislation in Malaysia that establishes the legal framework for the regulation of the architectural profession. The Act is administered by the Board of Architects Malaysia, known as "Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia" (LAM) in Malay.

Here are some key points about the Architects Act 1967 and LAM:

Purpose: The Architects Act 1967 aims to regulate the practice of architecture in Malaysia to ensure that architectural services are provided by qualified and competent professionals.
Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM): LAM is the regulatory body established under the Act. It oversees the registration and licensing of architects in Malaysia, ensuring that they meet the required standards of education, training, and professional competence.

Architectural Registration: The Act outlines the process for the registration of architects in Malaysia. Individuals who wish to practice as architects need to be registered with LAM.
Professional Conduct: The Act sets forth ethical and professional standards for architects. It defines the responsibilities and conduct expected of registered architects in the course of their professional practice.

Enforcement: LAM is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Architects Act. This includes taking disciplinary actions against architects who violate professional standards.
For the most current and accurate information, it is recommended to check the latest version of the Architects Act 1967 and related regulations directly or consult with the relevant authorities in Malaysia.

什么是《建筑师法令1967年第117号》 - 马来西亚建筑师法?

《建筑师法令1967年第117号》是马来西亚的一项法律,为建筑行业的监管建立了法律框架。该法令由马来西亚建筑师委员会(马来语中称为“Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia”或简称LAM)进行管理。 以下是关于《建筑师法令1967年》和LAM的一些关键点:

Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM):LAM是根据该法令设立的监管机构。它负责监督马来西亚建筑师的注册和许可,确保他们达到必要的教育、培训和专业能力标准。



23 Oct 2023