Constructing a factory or expanding and renovating without obtaining the necessary permits can lead to fines.

Are you planning to buy land and build a new factory? Are you currently searching for an architect to design the drawings for you? Before selecting and purchasing land, it's essential to understand the building regulations you must be aware of when constructing a factory. Avoid choosing the wrong location or making a regrettable purchase—it may be too late.
Whether you intend to buy land for a new factory or plan to expand, renovate, or add to your existing factory, understanding building regulations is crucial to avoid breaking the law. Once proven to be in violation, you may face penalties and actions from the relevant authorities.

What are the regulations regarding land reservation and setbacks?

Land reserved for widening roads:
In certain situations, some land must be reserved in the front for the government to widen roads. This is because public roads may not be wide enough, and landowners must unconditionally surrender a portion of the land for future road widening. Conversely, if public roads already meet certain width requirements, there is no need for concern about surrendering land to the government.

What are the drawbacks of selecting a corner lot?
If you choose a corner lot, where the factory faces the main road (either on the right or left side), building the factory up to the boundary fence is not allowed. A minimum distance of 40 feet must be maintained. This refers to the side of the factory. Consequently, the building area of the factory will be reduced, so don't assume that purchasing a corner unit allows for easy expansion—it may not be approved.

Basic requirements for setbacks:
In general, if there is no need to reserve excess land for road widening, the front of the factory must maintain a setback of at least 40 feet, and both sides and the rear must have setbacks of 25 feet each.

Calculation method for parking spaces:
Parking spaces, including carparks, motorcycle parks, OKU (disabled) car parks, lorry parks, and visitor carparks, need to be provided based on the factory's area. For every 500 square feet of factory space, one parking space must be provided. Different vehicles have different calculation methods, so larger factory designs require more parking spaces.

Other considerations include land conversion, land amalgamation, sub-division, and the design of the factory or warehouse. These are just some of the factory building regulations, and many others directly impact the size and design of the factory.

Careful and thoughtful planning is crucial before selecting and purchasing land for factory construction!
(The above mentioned are only for Klang Valley & Selangor).






选择角头地CORNER LOT的缺点是什么?


在选择和购买工厂建设用地之前,仔细谨慎的规划是至关重要的!(上述内容仅适用于Klang ValleySelangor地区)。

05 Jan 2024