Why should you refrain from hiring a runner and instead choose to appoint an architect?

Why It's Essential to Engage an Architect Instead of Hiring a Runner:
In Malaysia, the Act 117 Architects Act 1967dictate that only licensed architects are permitted to apply for building permits. Consequently, hiring a runner, who is not authorized to provide architectural services, is prohibited. The reasons for appointing an architect over a runner are:

Legal Compliance:
According to Malaysian regulations, only architects have the legal standing to apply for building permits. Engaging a runner for such purposes would contravene these rules.

Architectural Expertise:
Architects possess specialized knowledge in both design and compliance with building codes. Their expertise ensures that your project not only meets regulatory standards but also aligns with your design preferences.

Safety and Regulatory Adherence:
Architects play a crucial role in ensuring that construction projects adhere to safety standards and local regulations. Their involvement minimizes the risk of legal complications and ensures the project's compliance with all necessary requirements.

Professional Oversight:
Unlike runners, architects offer comprehensive services that go beyond permit applications. They are actively involved in overseeing the construction process, safeguarding the integrity of the design throughout the project.

Architects are accountable for the architectural aspects of a project. This accountability is crucial for the successful realization of your vision and the project's compliance with regulatory standards.

In summary, appointing an architect is imperative in Malaysia, not only to comply with legal regulations but also to benefit from their architectural expertise, safety assurance, and comprehensive project oversight. Hiring a runner, due to legal restrictions and their lack of architectural qualifications, is not a viable option for the application of building permits in Malaysia.


根据马来西亚法规,只有建筑师有法定资格申请建筑许可。为此目的雇佣代理人将违反这些规定。 建筑专业知识:
建筑师在设计和建筑法规方面拥有专业知识。他们的专业知识确保您的项目不仅符合法规标准,还与您的设计偏好一致。 安全和法规遵从:
建筑师在确保建筑项目符合安全标准和地方法规方面发挥关键作用。他们的参与降低了法律纠纷的风险,并确保项目符合所有必要的要求。 专业监督:

建筑师对项目的建筑方面负有责任。这种责任对于成功实现您的愿景以及项目符合法规标准至关重要。 总之,在马来西亚,指定建筑师不仅是为了遵守法律法规,还能够受益于他们的建筑专业知识、安全保障和全面项目监督。由于法律限制和他们缺乏建筑资质,雇佣代理人并非在马来西亚申请建筑许可的可行选择。

23 Oct 2023